Brett is a qualified equine dentist having successfully undertaken the Level 5 Certificate in Equine Dentistry through the New Zealand Equine Dentistry School.  The course is accredited through NZQA (national qualifications authority) and is recognised as tertiary level. As such it is not only answerable to its internal criteria, but independent external assessments ensure the quality of knowledge and skills being delivered.  This qualification is reciprocal and recognised within Australia.
The course was delivered by three instructors including:

*Warwick Behrns   QEqDT/IAED/CA - Academic Manager
(Qualified equine dental technician/certified advanced member of International Association of Equine Dentists)
*Dr Carol Borra   DVM/QEqD
(Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/qualified equine dentist)
*Dr Stefan Nemanja Hadzi Longinovic   DDS/QEqD
(Doctor of Dental Surgery - qualified human dentist and qualified equine dentist)

There is a strong emphasis on comprehensive theory to complement practical skills in the course.  The theory component is rooted in science based facts and emphasis' the relationship our actions as a dentist will have not only on teeth, but the horse as a whole with specific attention to all structures in the head and digestive tract.  
This approach is crucial in providing a greater insight as to causes of a problem, allowing a more accurate diagnosis and therefore a more effective treatment plan.  Importantly it allows us to assess with greater accuracy the cases when veterinary assistance may be required.